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What Does A Journalist Do?




A research team focuses on the accuracy and detail in all reports.

Broadcast Reporters

Our broadcast reporters are always available to reach the site of the event and cover the scene.


A team of professional and highly experienced presenters will ensure professionalism at work.

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What We Do

We are a news media house that brings the fastest news in the South directly to you. Get your subscription and stay updated with the new trends around you.

Why Career Options

With The Print Media


Become a reporter to cover local events.

Feature Writer

Research for new and creative things for reports.

Leader Writer

Manage the team of writers to develop accurate news.

Proof Reader

Analyze the reports and edit them for accuracy.


Play an important role overlooking the media house.

Photo Journalist

Capture the scene of the event for reports and media.

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A highly informative news platform that works to provide completely clean information.

John D Lafferty

I have been a member for over a year, and I wanted to appreciate the entire team for their hard work.

Ruth R Blackwelder

It has been a great journey to learn about the roles of a journalist during my career training program.

Robert K Gomes

Characteristics Of A Journalist

Find out what it takes to become the fourth pillar of democracy. Learn about the career options in journalism and more.

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Apply to Sizing Up The South as a new journalist in our team. We mostly focus on our local paper, but also post some of the stories online. 

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