SDX Foundation says no thanks to monies from fabulist

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA — The Sigma Delta Chi Foundation, a foundation that supports educational programs for the Society of Professional Journalists, has declined a monetary contribution from Stephen Glass.

Stephen Glass
Stephen Glass

The New York Times calls Stephen Glass one of journalism’s most famous “fabulists” who wrote articles for The New Republic and three other publications. He “completely made up, while others partly so,”articles. It was later revealed that Glass was a serial fabricator when a digital tool revealed his fake work.In a release from the Society of Professional Journalists, it stated that his contribution was rejected because “Glass made up people, companies and events for a number of stories he wrote for national magazines in the 1990s. He recently returned the money he was paid for those stories to the publishers of four magazines. He also sent a check to the Foundation, explaining it was the money he otherwise would have paid to the defunct George magazine.

The Foundation board during its annual spring meeting April 17 in New Orleans voted to not accept the contribution.

– Sharon Dunten, assistant region director, SPJ Region 3 and editor of SizingUptheSouth.