Journoterrorist: NYT WTF?

* Michael Koretzky is the SPJ Region 3 Director and SPJ National Board member.

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Michael Koretzky, SPJ Region 3 Director

I got a weird email this morning…

Alessandra Stanley
Alessaandra Stanley, NYT, Huffington Post photo

Hi. read your article about working at the Natl. Enquirer:  am working on a story that involves it and would love to get your advice.  Do you have time for a phone call anytime today or tomorrow?

hope so.

Alessandra Stanley

New York Times
917 340 —-
212 556 —-

I’ve been interviewed a few times about my stint as a freelance copyeditor and designer at the trashy supermarket tabloids, which I wrote about in 2011 for The Huffington Post.

That’s because, irony of ironies, the staffers at the tabloids are forbidden from speaking to the media. Indeed, I’ve been banned from the place because I did exactly what they hound their sources to do: Reveal juicy details.

But I’ve never been asked for an interview the way Alessandra Stanley did. So I replied… read the complete article HERE.