Follow my lede: The mission? In Navajo Nation voices need to be heard. “Who else will tell those stories?”

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The Najavo Times CEO and publisher Tom Arviso, Jr. talks with Meredith Cummings. Photo by Cummings photo is catching up with Meredith Cummings on her journey through hundreds of newsroom this summer throughout America.

WINDOW ROCK, ARIZONA — The Najavo Times Chief Executive Officer and Publisher Tom Arviso Jr. radiates old-school journalist, but with a twist. As the person who oversees the day-to-day operations of The Navajo Times, his paper more than many has to do double duty.

Not only does it have to cover the necessary societal watchdog issues, such as school boards, the environment and any number of other public institutions and issues, it also must cover tribal courts and tribal-specific issues.

Guiding principles are posted on many walls of The Navajo Times. When I visit on a sweltering hot summer day, we stand in the middle of the press room, fans humming overhead. It is noisy and loud.

… I meet Arviso’s staff, including Terry Bowman who covers arts and entertainment, among other topics, for the paper. I interrupt him as he is working on a story, and put him on the spot … video below.

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Meredith journey 1Meredith Cummings is immediate past president of SPJ Alabama Pro and is Instructor of Journalism, Director of Scholastic Media, University of Alabama. @MereCummings.