Pakistan’s journalistic community establishes journalists safety hubs for their own protection

Violence against journalists Pakistan asia news photo

Pakistan-asia-news photo

ASIAN JOURNALISM NETWORK — Pakistani journalistic community struggling to support each other.

News gets life threatening messages by a criminal gang. Mustafa left with no option other than to stop working as a professional journalist. Mustafa expressed his frustration, “Professionally, it was strange that I stopped working but I was frustrated and lived in stress for many years.

After years of struggle, Pakistan Press Clubs Safety Hubs managed to form an organization to protect professional journalist. Mustafa now actively managing the organization as a manager of Karachi region, while using his own experience of dealing with such difficult situations, he is now helping fellow journalists to not give up their jobs due to life threatening calls. This network of safety hubs has been set up to encourage journalist not give up their duties and provide proper safety to cope up with such situations.

To read the complete article link HERE.

SPJ Region 3 SizingUpTheSouth contributor, Muhammad Ittefaq, is one of the founding members of the Asian Journalism Network. Watch for more articles from Ittefaq. 



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