Journoterrorist: I’d rather get beaten up by conservatives than liberals

Blue and Red State journo terriorist

When a conservative punches a reporter in the face, he’s proud of it. When a liberal punches a reporter, he blames the victim.

At most demonstrations these days, protesters and counter-protesters agree on only one thing: The media sucks. So if a reporter gets hit on the head, he can’t always tell if the fist came from the left or the right.

Even worse, when the cops rush in to make mass arrests, they often indiscriminately scoop up those reporters, much like dolphins getting trapped in tuna nets and drowning.

Journo terrorist logoAs someone who’s been both threatened and actually assaulted while on assignment, I can admit this: When you get hit by a cop, it’s a badge (sotospeak) of honor. But it hurts much more when you agree with the people punching you.

Most journalists are at least socially liberal. Even if they write their stories as objectively as possible, they personally sympathize with protesters defending the oppressed rather than protesters demanding more oppression.

So when liberals attack them, journalists are more conflicted than when conservatives do it. But they’re also more imperiled. Let me explain why, using the latest example of journo-abuse.

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