Harsh on purpose


By Michael Koretzky

Koretzky profile photoSomebody is praying for God to change me. Wish I knew who he is.

It started two weeks ago, when I got this email. I’ve changed the names to protect the ignorant…

Hello Koretzky,

I’m Julia, a multimedia journalism studenr, and interested in joining SPJ. Katie from The Palmbeach Post mentioned you. Is there a chapter on the Boca campus ?

– Julia N. 

Since I’m on the board of the Society of Professional Journalists and a volunteer with the student newspaper at Florida Atlantic University, such emails aren’t rare. Sadly, neither is this: poor writing and spelling.

Julia is typical. She writes only sporadically for the student newspaper. She floats through her classes. Yet expects to graduate into a profession that’s shrinking.

Here’s my reply, with some identifying info removed…

To read the complete article link HERE.

Michael Koretzky

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