How SPJ Florida used real fake news and bits of paper to teach people about journalism

This article appears on January 16, 2018, on’s digital tools page.

By Ren LaForme,

Fake News Game Show logoWith so much focus on things like social media and flashy interactives, it’s easy to forget that some of our best engagement happens in real life.

The news industry has tried a variety of creative and bold events: a $250 election watch party with top New York Times editors, a conversation about sexual harassment with a bipartisan group of legislators in Texas, a geeky bash with a foosball tournament.

But what about a game show? As I wrote about previously, an American University study found that interactive games can improve both news engagement and understanding.

SPJ Florida gave it a shot with the Fake News Game Show. Teams competed to discern whether 15 stories were real or fake. The kicker? All the fake news stories used were real fake news stories — none were made up for the game.

“Fake news is such a huge talking point so we wanted to educate everyone — journalists and non-journalists alike — in a way that wasn’t a panel discussion or a single speaker event,” said Dori Zinn, the previous president of SPJ Florida. “Media literacy is a big deal no matter who you are.”

Read the complete article about SPJ Florida’s Fake News Game Show by linking HERE.

Ren LaForme

Ren LaForme is the Digital Tools Reporter for He runs Try This! — Tools for Journalism, which is an effort to find, share and provide training around the best digital tools for journalists.

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SPJ Florida’s next Fake News Game Show will be held the Tallahassee Democrat on Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. For more information, link HERE.

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