Conference addresses the freelancer ‘s daily grind and how to get things done

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Can’t find “that” information when you need it for your freelance business?

Is there a system that will help you set up your freelance business data?

There is pitching to editors, fulfilling assignments and research, writing invoices, collecting fees and keeping up with your professional website.

Do you want everything you do to be online and free of paper?

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Adina Solomon

And how do you keep track of all of it?

And how do I get things done?

Planning your business data within a disciplined routine will keep you more productive and will also add plenty of time for networking, down time and creative opportunities.

Adina Solomon, a freelancer journalist based out of Atlanta, has developed a system for her business data where she can find the status of assignments and payments very quickly and efficiently. There is nothing more frustrating when you cannot find a bit of necessary and critical information. And, as Solomon says, “when you strike out on your own, everything is up to you — including how to spend your day.”

“When you strike out on your own, everything is up to you — including how to spend your day.” – Adina Solomon

Solomon worked for any years as a writer in the news and magazine industry before she made the decision to become exclusively a freelance journalist. Ask her why she decided to go “freelance” and how it has changed her life. 

Solomon will be presenting “How To Get Things Done” session at the Society of Professional Journalists -Region 3 Spring Conference, “Freelance Blitz,” in Charleston, South Carolina, on March 24, at the College of Charleston.

Breakout Session Description: When you strike out on your own, everything is up to you — including how to spend your day. It’s a perk of freelancing, but if you don’t properly plan, you can end up wasting your day and not accomplishing what you need to do. That’s where organization comes in. Learn how to make sure you get paid, keep track of story pitches, and use connections that you didn’t even realize you had.

SPJ Region 3 2018 logoAbout Your Session Leader: Adina Solomon is a freelance journalist based in Atlanta. She writes about a range of topics — everything from business to culture to death and beyond. Her work has appeared in The Washington PostU.S. News & World ReportThe Atlantic’s CityLab and other outlets both in Atlanta and nationally. Before freelancing, Adina worked as an editor at trade publications in aviation and hospitality. In between, she taught English to high school students in France. Solomon serves as head of the freelance committee for the Society of Professional Journalists’ Georgia chapter. She is also the co-founder of SPJ Georgia Pro Chapter. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a journalism degree.

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