Want a clutter-free life as a freelance journalist? Get some great tips from a professional organizer at the SPJ Region 3 conference

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Conference Session: 

“3 Words To Help You Get Organized” 

Ginger Willis, Professional Organizer

Ginger Willis
Ginger Willis

So you have made the decision to become a freelance journalist or you have been working as a freelance journalist for some time, but you are frustrated with your work space.

Do you need for find a space where you are going to work? It can be a kitchen table, a desk in the corner of a room, or a room designated only for an office; it might even be a local coffee shop for a while too! Or it it just a matter of letting go of the clutter and unwanted material that is closing in on you. 

Ginger Willis, a professional organizer, will help you visual your work space, motivate you to get rid of clutter and find an organizational system that will work for you as a freelance journalist.

Willis is a compassionate professional who respects your “stuff” but also helps you through the grieving process of letting go of unnecessary items and paper no longer needed for your work space. She is a staunch advocate for online filing systems and email management. Catch her tips on how to get started on functional freelance work space.

About Your Session Leader: Ginger Willis is a life-long student of productivity, efficiency, and putting first things first. Organizing comes naturally to her, and she loves learning and trying new systems and approaches to make everyday systems and routines run smoothly. From her experiences as a Hospitality Interior Design Project Manager and Office Manager, she approaches each project with a positive, solution-based mindset as well as skills in space NAPO logoplanning, custom storage solutions, event and project planning, and working with a wide range of personalities. Let Ginger streamline and simplify the things you have to do so you can focus on the important things you want to do.

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