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One of these guys is a college student. The other needs to grow up.

On the left is Cody Nespor, editor of The Rocket, the newspaper at Slippery Rock University in Pennsylvania. On the right is Aaron Bernstine, a Pennsylvania state representative who hates him.

On Saturday, Bernstine tweeted…


What did Nespor do to warrant a lawmaker’s insults? He wrote a 666-word editorial called, Will enough ever be enough? Comments on the Parkland shooting.

“Assault rifles are weapons of war, they were made to be used in war and to kill people,” he wrote. “I do not believe they have a place in a civil society.”

He continued…

I do not know what the answer is to keep schools safe, but arming teachers is not going to work. My mother is a middle school math teacher, her job is to educate children. She is not a solider, she should not have to worry about defending her students in a firefight.

Nespor ended like this…

If you would like to join in the conversation, please feel free to send a letter to the editor to my email at

State Rep. Aaron Bernstine, a first-term Republican, decided to join in the conversation – not via email, but by tweeting that the college senior “pushes a lib agenda” and is “a horrible writer.”

To read the complete commentary link HERE.


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