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By Michael Koretzky

JournoTerrorist Koretzky

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Six months ago, I spoke on an internship panel and pissed off everyone – because I offered to pay students for their work.

I’m editor of Debt.com, which (like everything else these days) is owned by a bigger company. Usually, a Human Resources rep recruits at college job and internship fairs. But on this day in October, everyone in HR was busy. So they sent me to sit on a “Department of English Internship Panel” at a local public university.

There were four other employers at the head table: a book publisher, a U.S. senator’s office, an SEO company, and a marketing agency. When it was my turn to talk, I mentioned Debt.com pays $10 an hour, and I knew other internships in the company offered the same.

“I wish it could be more,” I concluded.

And with that, shit got unreal.

Unpaid and unhinged

As the words left my mouth, I saw the Career Center director staring back at me with wide eyes. A woman from the English Department, who had greeted me so sweetly when I walked in, looked like she just swallowed her own vomit.

I glanced to my left and right. My fellow panelists were glaring at me. I thought I might have snot hanging from my nose. I instinctively wiped my face.

Apparently, I had done something even more repulsive. I mentioned money.

Everyone who wasn’t a student desperately spun their defense for not paying interns. Besides the usual –” valuable experience,” “resume building,” “networking opportunities” – there was this gem from the marketing woman sitting to my right: “We have a snack closet!”

Just as I was about to ask how a snack closet works, the English Department woman chimed in: “And you can earn up to three credits! You just pay…”

And then it hit me.

While I already knew unpaid internships were evil – I’ve advised a college newspaper for two decades – I didn’t realize until that moment just how organized this crime was. Everyone is in on it, except for the students…

  • The school either requires students to take an unpaid internship or hard-sells its dubious virtues.
  • The school lures marginal employers with promises of slave labor.
  • Those employers agree to lie on the appropriate paperwork so this free work skirts federal law.
  • The school charges full tuition for zero overhead – no need to hire a professor or even air-condition a classroom.

It’s legalized human trafficking. Except human traffickers don’t charge their slaves tuition.

The U.S. Department of Labor allows unpaid internships if, and only if…

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Copies of Plainsman
The Auburn Plainsman student newspaper is an editorially independent publication. Photo by Sharon Dunten

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