If restaurants ran like college papers, diners would stave to death



By Michael Koretzky

JournoTerrorist Koretzky

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Want to advertise in your college newspaper? It’s probably a pain in the ass.

Last month, I mocked a hashtag called #SaveStudentNewsrooms. It was a one-day campaign to highlight the financial struggles of today’s college newspapers. Really, though, it was just a bunch of students bragging about their self-importance and begging for donations.

I pitched another idea to #SaveStudentNewsrooms organizers: I’ll send advertising experts to your campus, so they can train you to sell more ads and make more money. Their millennial response can be distilled to this…

Why do we have to WORK for the money? Why can’t you just give it to us?

A little pissed off, I reviewed all 130 websites from the hashtag’s “participating newsrooms.” Turns out they’re not selling enough ads because they don’t seem to give a crap about selling ads.

For example…

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