Georgia Southern University students win two EMMY® awards for media excellence

Georgia Southern student EMMys
Georgia Southern University’s Multimedia Development Center (MDC) won Student EMMY®s in June 2018 for their excellence in Sports as well as Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs. From the left: Robert Ross, Holden Galatas, Jayden Moss, Bradon Holder, Shelby Head, Robert Jackson and Arthur Berger, director of MDC. Supplied photo

By Isaiah Singleton, SPJ Region 3 summer intern, senior at Savannah State University student studying mass communication and journalism

For several Georgia Southern University students winning a student EMMY® was deemed “unreal” as they join the ranks of media excellence from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences Southeast chapter in June 2018. 

The Regional EMMY® Chapter is one of nineteen chapters throughout the United States that recognized Georgia Southern University’s Multimedia Development Center (MDC) student production team with:

  • A 2018 student EMMY® award for Sports, which included Live Events and the Fairfield vs. Georgia Southern Baseball game.
  • A 2018 student EMMY® for Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs for the production of the “Strings at Southern Chamber Music Festival.”


Holden Galasta
Holden Galatas

According to the Georgia Southern University website, MDC provides students with training and hands-on experience that they can then translate into real-world opportunities. Students run cameras, direct, produce and manage more than one-hundred live events each year including ESPN3 and nationally televised broadcasts.

A senior at Georgia Southern, Holden Galatas, was the anchor for the Fairfield vs. GSU Baseball production. He said he couldn’t imagined MDC winning an EMMY® award and also receiving a nomination himself for an individual talent category. Galatas is from New Orleans, Louisiana and is interning with the Atlanta Hawks the summer 2018.  

The MDC’s Georgia State vs. Georgia Southern in Women’s Basketball broadcast also received a nomination for Sports. 

“Winning the award was unreal, it was so nice to get this award after all the hard work the team put in each and every broadcast. For all of us to be awarded so greatly is amazing and it makes us all want to work even harder now.” – Holden Galatas.

Putting in so many hours for their work, Galatas said he wanted the MDC team to win at least one EMMY® award. “This was something I didn’t even know was possible until two weeks before I received the nominations, he said. 

Galatas said the most important thing to him as a journalist right now is finding his voice and own opinions on sports. “I want to be able to say them in a way that’s not generic and that makes people want to listen.”

Bradon Holder
Bradon Holder

GSU junior Bradon Holder said it felt surreal from the moment he walked on stage to collect his award alongside his classmates for Best Sports category. Holder was born and raised in Dothan, Alabama. 

“The feeling was completely unreal to win an EMMY Award. I never thought I would get to that point,” said Holder. “Walking across that stage, I felt extremely grateful and fortunate to be in the position I was in to even be a nominee, much less an award winner.” 

In addition to Galatas and Holder, other MDC and GSU students, Shelby Head, Jayden Moss, Robert Jackson, Sterling Mattison and Robert Ross won a Student Production EMMY® Arts and Entertainment/Cultural Affairs for the production of the “Strings at Southern Chamber Music Festival.” (see video above)

Looking ahead, Holder said the most important area right now in his life is to prepare for the next semester and the endless possibilities at GSU for him in particular.

“I am taking this time to enjoy what I have accomplished, but more importantly, I am always looking for the next opportunity to give back to people and showcase anything and everything I have.” – Bradon Holder

“I am taking this time to enjoy what I have accomplished, but more importantly, I am always looking for the next opportunity to give back to people and showcase anything and everything I have,” he said.

Galatas and Holder both elaborated on MDC and its future. “What’s in store for us at the MDC is more EMMY® because this past year, said Galatas, “and we were always adding new people (including me) and trying to get everyone accustomed to their jobs,” he said.

Georgia southern logo horitzontal

Galatas adds, “This year, we are hitting the ground running and there are more expectations because we know we can win one. It’s a matter of making it happen now.” 

There are already a few things that are in the works at the MDC, more for GSU in particular, that they all are focused on completing as of right now, said Holder. 

“We have always got something up our sleeve when it comes to future projects and broadcasting, which I can’t giveaway just yet, but know that anything we do, we do it to the best of our abilities, night in and night out; anything we put our hands on, we are positive people will enjoy it.” – Holden Galatas


Daniel Waugh Geo South
Danny Waugh

Galatas said he wants to pave a way for future GSU students and other journalists and advises other students to take advantage of any window opened to them. 

“I didn’t know this opportunity would present itself if I hadn’t met my co-worker, Danny Waugh, and you really just never know what window could lead to this opportunity, so make the absolute most of every opportunity,” said Galatas. Waugh is sportscaster for the MDC. 

Holder gives advice to students and journalists on achieving journalistic goals. “Take all the advantages you can from working with other people and never stop putting the effort and time in to accomplish a goal of getting an award. It may be “far-fetched” right now, but I guarantee if and when you set your mind to get an award, you will be able to do it,” he said. 


Haisten Willis mug
Haisten Willis

SPJ Region 3 President and Georgia Southern Alumnus, Haisten Willis, said “As an alumnus of the one and only Georgia Southern University, I couldn’t be more proud of the work these students have done. They have represented both themselves and their collegiate institution with high quality that I’m sure will shine throughout their careers. 

He continues, “These awards are indicative of the great work being done at GSU and reflect at bright future for journalism across the state of Georgia. Hail Southern!” 


The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, NATAS, is a professional organization for individuals in the television and broadcasting industry.  NATAS is the standard-bearer for excellence in the television broadcasting industry and the gatekeepers of the prestigious regional EMMY® Awards.

The Southeast Chapter represents television professionals from all disciplines of the industry and from each of their television markets including Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina and Asheville, N.C. 

Isaiah mug
Isaiah Singleton

Isaiah Singleton is SPJ Region 3’s 2018 summer intern. He is a senior at Savannah State University majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in online/print journalism. Singleton is a contributing writer for the University’s student-ran newspaper, The Tiger’s Roar. Raised in Stockbridge, Georgia, writing has always been his passion. During childhood, he wrote numerous fictional stories about his life and what he wanted it to be. 


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