Meet SPJ Region 3 fall intern: Marquis Holmes from Kennesaw State University

By Marquis Holmes, SPJ Region 3 Fall Intern and senior from Kennesaw State University

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Marquis Holmes

Greetings SPJ Region 3! My name is Marquis Holmes and I am the fall intern for the Society of Professional Journalists – Region 3, providing articles and breaking news for, your journalism new site for the South. 

I am a senior at Kennesaw State University, majoring in journalism and emerging media with a minor in military leadership. This upcoming fall semester will also be my final semester before graduating. I am elated to end it in a big way. 

I am very excited to provide content to the thousands of journalists in my region and receive feedback from a regional and possibly a national perspective. I am looking forward to interviewing and networking with the gifted individuals that dedicate every day of their lives to telling the stories of others. It is a personal goal of mine to determine what makes them get out of bed every morning and find comfort in their career choice.

“I think that the term “dream” is not exactly what I would use for my professional goals. If life permitted, I would honestly want to do all there is to do in this world. In fact, the absolute hardest part of life is to come to terms with the fact that I cannot.” – Marquis Holmes

Being said, my biggest goals are to retire from the U.S. Army, continue to pursue a higher U S Army logoeducation, and spend a lifetime reporting about what I am the most passionate about – military relations. I don’t necessarily need any of the above to do any of the above, but that is where success lies for me. 

At 28, I am what most would define as a non-traditional college student. However, with my extensive involvement in student media, I could almost beg to differ. 

Since starting off as a staff writer for the Georgia Highlands College newspaper known as the Six Mile Post, I have been in a variety of media positions. I have served on the board of the Georgia Collegiate Press Association. I have served as a staff writer for the KSU student-based newspaper known as the Sentinel since 2016 and am currently serving as its editor-in-chief. I have also most recently contributed to the Palm Beach Post and have studied abroad in Moscow, covering the 2018 FIFA World Cup as a foreign correspondent. See article.

KSU students and their Trip Director (1)
Welcome to Russia! From the left, Marquis Holmes, Virginia Wyckoff, Tom Rotnem, Dr. Carolyn Carlson, Mary Thornburg, and Alex Keller. Photo by Jeremy Collins.

I am no stranger to SPJ and its Code of Ethics, gaining membership in 2016 and now serving as the SPJ Kennesaw State University student chapter president. With the relationships I have established with unique journalists and the opportunities I have earned to hone my own skills, I am beyond grateful for this organization.

Georgia National Guard logoI have served in the Georgia Army National Guard since 2010. I have recently completed ROTC and will commission as a second lieutenant in the United States Army this December. I have a philosophy that the characteristics of being an Army officer will make me a better journalist and the characteristics of being a journalist will make me a better Army officer. 

I am originally from Newark, New Jersey, but have resided in the greater Atlanta area for a long time now. Growing up, I was always fond of artistic expression but have also always been incredibly indecisive. My indecisiveness has given me small interests in creative writing, gaming, music, and art over the years. My hobbies listening to podcasts, reading, playing my guitars when I get the chance, exploring Atlanta with my girlfriend, and Googling useless information constantly. – Marquis Holmes

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