SCCN: Savannah State’s student newspaper continues to face major cuts by university since 2013

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‘What they did is history, what we do is news’

By Ashia Manning, editor-in-chief, The Tiger’s Roar, Savannah State University

Tigers Roar first issueThe Tiger’s Roar turned 70 years old this year. The first edition of the student newspaper was printed in January 1948. Before The Tiger’s Roar, the Georgia Herald served the community as a source for news.

The Tiger’s Roar was born by way of a sophomore social sciences major, John Day, who named the paper. Day’s entry was one of 50 and was chosen because the judges felt it was the “most expressive and imaginative,” according to an article in the first issue, Volume 1, Number 1, of the publication.

Day’s win was featured on the front page along with pictures of the editorial staff. Stories about the Georgia State College Choir, Urban League and the Press Club filled the front, as well.

Since 1948, the paper- and the university- have seen many changes. Most recently, the ability of the newspaper to publish every month in print, and to continue on, has been put in jeopardy.

Link HERE to find out more about the future of the The Tiger’s Roar. 


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