Meet SPJ Region 3’s new intern Hannah Lester

Hannah Lester is SPJ Region 3 SizingUptheSouth’s spring 2019 Intern. She is a senior at Auburn University who will graduate in May in journalism.

As a current student journalist, Hannah works for her on campus paper, The Auburn Plainsman. The Plainsman has won numerous Pacemaker awards for both print and online. Hannah also writers for the local, university-based magazine, Auburn Magazine.

During the summer of 2018, Hannah worked as an intern for Nashville food based magazine Edible Nashville. She enjoys feature writing pieces and long form writing. In the future Hannah hopes to write feature pieces for magazines and would also love to be a children’s book author. Eventually she hopes to become a travel writer and test her writing skills outside of her comfort zone.  

Hannah has been writing since she was a child, though she didn’t always know that journalism was the route she wanted to take. Starting school at Auburn, Hannah thought she wanted to go to dentistry school and pursue orthodontics. She also spent time in exercise science, planning on going to PT school. However, with writing as her passion and encouragement from friends and family, Hannah decided to major in Journalism. Hannah also works as the organizations editor for Auburn’s yearbook, The Glomerata. She will also graduate with honors from Auburn University. 

While she loves writing, Hannah makes time for exercising and has found that she loves writing about nutrition, fitness and exercise, having started her own blog on the subject as well. Hannah is from Birmingham, AL and though she grew up in the south with her parents and younger brother, she loves to travel and explore new places. So far, Arizona with its dusty red rocks and cacti has been her favorite travel spot.  

As a writer, Hannah has grown from shy student journalist to published in five different publications. While she would be content to settle in the South after graduation, she would be excited to live in a new and different place as well and test her writing skills.

Hannah Lester is a spring intern with SPJ Region 3’s and is a senior at Auburn University who will graduate in May with a degree in journalism. She has previously worked for Nashville food magazine Edible Nashville and is currently a campus writer for The Auburn Plainsman. 

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