Intern hopes to report on least understood topics rather than just popular ones

Tori Collins | fall intern, Georgia State University

Hello, my name is Tori Collins, and I am a transfer student from Georgia Southern University, who will be continuing my degree in journalism this fall at Georgia State University

While at Georgia Southern University I wrote for The George-Anne student newspaper, which is a student-led, student-read student media organization. I worked as a daily desk reporter and as a news reporter.  

The George-Anne was a tremendous blessing for me and helped me become a writer. Becoming part of student media taught me the basics of good news reporting, how to look for stories and pitch them and how to schedule and conduct interviews with sources.

I learned how to create a divide between personal opinion and to simply report the facts and maintain workplace decorum and professionalism.

Tori Collins, fall intern, journalism student, Georgia State Univeristy

I covered stories relating to daily events that took place on the Georgia Southern University campus and stories related to the city of Statesboro’s first African American mayor, Jonathan McCollar.

I also covered a campus protest in response to a racial slur, and one of my major stories uncovered a tenured Georgia Southern professor who had been accused of directing racial slurs to her subordinate colleagues and students.

Tori Collins, right, interviews Jonathan McCollar, the first African American elected to the city of Statesboro, Ga. He was elected in 2017. Supplied photo

This summer I gained a couple of bylines at The Covington News, in Covington, Ga., reporting news stories for this community newspaper. I learned how to search for news through retrieving incident reports from the local sheriff’s office. 

On the political scene, I have also covered a campaign rally for Gov. Brain Kemp, and I attended a Donald Trump rally as a journalistic observer. 

In 2018 Tori Collins, center, covered a campaign rally for Gov. Brian Kemp in Statesboro, Ga. for The Georgia Anne student newspaper. Photo supplied.

Journalism is important to me because it gives news professionals the ability to be the voice for the unseen, unheard, and in many cases, the ability to provide the public with knowledge that is often left in the dark in our society.

I want to be able to impact society through my writing. Through this impact, I might be able to deliver storytelling and the facts from the perspective that might be the least understood rather than what might be popular. 

Print journalism is what I am most familiar with in the news industry; however, I am interested in acquiring more skills for broadcast journalism as well.

Tori Collins

I would like to identify with readers, viewers and listeners and how they might retain information that may be rapidly changing, and I would like to broaden my reporting skills to adhere to the way these audience members are comprehending the news message. 

Becoming more comprehensive in news making might include perfecting my video recording and editing, learning how to correctly present myself as an anchor on camera, writing broadcast scripts, audio stories, podcasts and photography. 

In my free time I have adopted the hobby of cooking, and it pleases me to be able to take different foods and create with them. I am still exploring and considering options of how I would like to take my passion for journalism and my craft of cooking to combine them both professionally. Writing menus and authoring cook books are two things I would like to explore in the future. 

My long term goal is to be a reporter that covers national news as well as global news, including covering stories relating to and affecting different forms of society and human kind.

I believe exposing audience members to unfamiliar facts and knowledge might influence society to feel a sense of empathy and understanding, which overall can make the world a better place.

Tori Collins

Many times people might be defensive, prejudice and irrational when they lack exposure and information on a particular subject. If I can utilize my passion for journalism and create a platform to tell stories to bring people closer through compassion and consideration, and tolerance for the next person, this would fulfill my calling and my idea of self purpose as a journalist.

I look forward to writing for the audience members of and creating content to tell stories about professional journalists leading and pushing for the facts. 

Tori Collins

Tori Collins is a student at Georgia State University studying journalism. She transferred from Georgia Southern University in May 2019. She lives in Decatur, Ga.

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