Two national broadcast journalists on deck to cover Dorian’s trip into Florida

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Martin Savidge, a CNN anchor and correspondent is based out of Atlanta, Ga., has covered multiple hurricanes. CNN Photo

Hurricane Dorian is expected to make landfall in Florida on Monday as a Category 4 hurricane. All of Florida is under a state of emergency, causing some residents to pack up their possessions, board their homes and fill their gas tanks to evacuate more inland from the coast or to another northern state.   

CNN anchor and correspondent Martin Savidge is currently in Sebastian, Florida where residents are seen boarding their homes. Savidge said residents are realizing evacuating Florida is not as simple as they expected.

“The critical to-do list is short. It is fill up, it is load up and it is board up,” Savidge said on a live CNN broadcast from Sebastian, Florida in front of residents that are boarding their home.

“The next step-is get out, but that is proven more difficult than many expected.”

Martin Savidge, CNN reporter reporting from Sebastian, Fla. on Hurricane Dorian coverage
Martin Savidge, CNN anchor and correspondent, talks about his experience covering New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. YouTube video

Hurricane Dorian is expected to do serious damage to the community of Florida affecting millions of people. 

“Hurricane Dorian is gaining intensity and could now unload heavy rains, powerful winds and a strong storm surge on more than 20 million people,” Savidge said in a live CNN broadcast on Friday night.

“I’m a little concerned. I’m getting more and more concerned about what category and what’s going to happen,” a resident of Florida tells Savidge. “I’ve never seen a hurricane.”

Mireya Villarreal reports from Florida on Friday as Hurricane Dorian approaches the coast. CBS News video via YouTube
Mireya Villarreal is a national correspondent for the CBS Evening News. CBS photo

CBS Evening News correspondent, Mireya Villarreal is found talking to shoppers in a local grocery store along Florida’s east coast who said they’re shopping for supplies and planning to stay through Hurricane Dorian’s landfall. 

Villarreal found one shopper that said he is not leaving. “No, absolutely not,” the shopper tells Villarreal when she asks if he’s evacauting. “I’ve been here for almost 30 years, and it gets worse every year,” the shopper said. 

From her online CBS Evening News broadcast, Villarreal said Florida residents are facing challenges at the gas pumps with long lines and shortages.

“In Miami nearly half of it’s stations ran out of gas today.”

Mireya Villarreal, reporting from Florida coverage of Hurricane Dorian for the CBS Evening News

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