3 Miami Herald reporters sustain hungry news feed during hurricane coverage

Photo above: From the left, Joey Flechas, Sarah Blaskey and David Ovalle. LinkedIn photos

Tori Collins | Reporter & Intern | SizingUpTheSouth.com

The Miami Herald is continuously updating an article online on the progression of Hurricane Dorian’s path as it hits Florida landfall and leaves behind the destruction in the Bahamas when Dorian was a Category 5 storm and stalled over the islands for days.

Three staff writers piloting this feed include: Joey Flechas, Sarah Blaskey and David Ovalle. Examples of the feeds that the three are posting are:

  • “On Abaco, at least one child, a 7-year old boy, was reported drowned, with his sister missing, according to Bahamian reports,” Miami Herald reported in an online article. 
  • Residents at local Florida nursing homes and assisted living facilities have been evacuated. Along with patients at New Smyrna Beach hospitals to Port St. Lucie hospitals. 
  • “ Authorities weren’t taking any chances,” Miami Herald reported in an online article. “ Residents of 72 nursing homes or assisted living facilities along Florida’s coast have been evacuated, and some hospitals from New Smyrna Beach to Port Lucie have begun evacuating patients.”
  •  Authorities in Port St. Lucie county, in Florida have opened up five shelters for evacuees of Florida’s coast.
  • “ In Port St. Lucie authorities have opened up five shelters for coastal evacuees- nearly 300 people showed up at Fort Pierce Central High by Monday afternoon,” Miami Herald reported in an online article. 
  • Families are coming into the shelters with their children and their basic necessities. Athe shelters families will have access to a meal, weather updates on a large television and an area to bathe.
  • “Where I’m living, I just didn’t feel safe,” a Florida resident smoking a cigarette outside the school that is being used as a shelter told Miami Herald. 
  • Johnny Diaz, a features and viral news writer for SunSentinel wrote an article about how local residents of Florida can access rides to shelters, to evacuate from Hurricane Dorian’s anticipated landfall. 
Tori Collins

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