SPJ Region 3

The Society of Professional Journalists – Region 3 consists of SPJ national members in Alabama, Florida (Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin Islands), Georgia and South Carolina. In addition, SPJ national members may also join local chapters located in Florida (SPJFlorida.com) and Georgia (SPJGeorgia.com). South Carolina is in the process of developing a board of directors in the state to lead the SPJ South Carolina Pro Chapter (SPJSouthCarolina). SPJ Alabama Pro Chapter (SPJAlabama) .

For more information the National Society of Professional Journalists and its memberships and resources, please visit the SPJ National website page at SPJ.org or call (317) 927-8000.

For more information about joining the SPJ Region 3 chapters, contact the following:

SPJ Florida: Christiana Lilly, president, at christiana.lilly@gmail.com or Abigail Perry, vice president, at abigail.n.perry@gmail.com

SPJ Georgia: Carol Gantt, vice president, at cmgantt20@gmail.com

SPJ South Carolina: David Baxley, president, dtbaxley.spjsc@gmail.com

SPJ Alabama Pro: Adam Powell, president, SPJ Alabama, adam.powell@selmatimesjournal.com