It is now May 2021, and the coronavirus has been raging for over 2 years. The virus is impacting our lives in countless ways, for better and for worse. It reduces the amount of contact we can have with family, friends, and acquaintances, it has forced the government to prohibit certain services like restaurants and cinemas at times, and it has made it much harder to travel. 


But covid is also contributing to – if we can say it that way – GOOD things happening. For example, people are getting better and better at washing their hands, covering their coughs and sneezes with their elbows, and keeping up a higher level of hygiene than before. It’s clear that these behaviours will reduce the risk of spreading covid, but what’s fascinating is that they have also reduced the number of people getting infected with any kind of disease like cold or flu. 


This increased focus that people have on health is seen clearly in the number of health magazines that are being sold. Health magazines in Norway are experiencing a boom; they are selling in droves, and Norwegians now seem obsessed to get their hands on the newest edition of their favourite magazines. This behaviour was only seen in magazine fanatics in the past, but now the common man and woman have also joined the wave. 


Daniel Dyrstad, CEO of Nor Klinikken Sandnes in Sandnes, Norway is hearing much more talk about health in his chiropractor clinic Kiropraktor Sandnes than in the past. His employees are constantly mentioning the interesting topics their customers are sharing, about how they’ve just bought this incredible health magazine which has helped them shine a new light on the value of meditation, relaxation and being in nature. 


In a word, the emphasis that people place on health has skyrocketed during the corona epidemic. Staying healthy and learning more about it has become one of the most important things that people spend their time on, and they do it to reduce the risk of getting seriously ill with corona.  


People are, to say the least, crazy about health to make it less likely that they will catch covid or, if they do catch it, they will be up for the task to handle it. They are exercising a lot, eating healthy foods, and washing properly each day to stay clean. Multivitamin supplements that help boost immunity are also increasing in sales, and many of them are recommended in health magazines. Stress management techniques like meditation, yoga, and “forest baths” (walks out in nature) are also rampant these days.

Why health magazines in Norway are experiencing a boom