Mouth of the South: The Talking Dead

Zombies in Atlanta? Yes, and they are journalists. Atlanta Zombies photos by Kayla Ebner, Roger Williams University

It’s the story that never dies…

College journalists are notoriously poor interviewers. So for the past three years, SPJ has trained them to chat up their sources by quizzing corpses. This free program is called Zombie Stories, and it can easily spread to your city.

It works like this…

Students don free white Zombie Stories T-shirts and venture outside to interview professionally made-up zombies – each carrying a bottle of fake (?) blood. If students ask stupid questions, they get doused. Once their shirts are all red, they’re dead. But if they pose solid questions (see below) they win cash and prizes.

It happened in Atlanta the night before Halloween…

zoombie-stories-photo-1On the Saturday night before Halloween, Zombie Stories visited Atlanta – on the exact spot where a key scene from the first episode of The Walking Dead was filmed. It’s an alleyway near a pub called, appropriately enough for journalists, Sidebar – where SPJ once hosted another participatory event called Putting the ME in Social Media.

SPJer Amanda Rabines flew up from Miami on her own dime to become a zombie. Here’s her dead-eye view of the creepy evening… read on …


Read more about Zombie Stories and the undead who call themselves journalists HERE.

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