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As the leading national association for journalists in the U.S., the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) is organized into regions.

SPJ Region 3 covers Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. We hold an Annual Conference with great speakers and we provide support to each of your state chapters.

How to Join: 

Joining SPJ and your STATE CHAPTER can be done in two easy steps:

  1. Join or renew your membership with SPJ National by going to
  2. Be SURE to add the STATE CHAPTER that you want to be a member of located just beneath the Membership Type category under Local Chapter Dues.

Now you’re a member!  As a new member of SPJ, you will begin to receive emails from SPJ National, from SPJ Region 3 and from your State Chapter.  Be sure to go to the website of your state chapter, for updates on events, meetings, and interesting articles on

EACH State Chapter also has its own Facebook page and Twitter feed.  “Like” or “Follow” them today!  Here are live links for your convenience:

SPJ Alabama logo

SPJ Alabama Pro website: To be reactivated Fall 2018

SPJ Alabama Facebook: To be reactivated Fall 2018

SPJ Alabama Twitter: To be reactivated Fall 2018

Contact information: Sharon Dunten,


SPJ Florida logo

SPJ Florida website:

SPJ Florida Facebook

SPJ Florida Twitter

Contact information: Christiana Lilly,


SPJ Georgia logo

SPJ Georgia Website:

SPJ Georgia Facebook

SPJ Georgia Twitter

Contact information:  Haisten Willis,


SPJ SC logo online

SPJ South Carolina: Launching Summer 2018

SPJ South Carolina Facebook

SPJ South Carolina Twitter

Contact information: David Baxley,


Caribbean photo


Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands : Under development

Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands Facebook: Under development

Puerto Rico/US Virgin Islands Twitter: Under development

We’ll see you at our next event. Make sure to visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to get more info about SPJ Region 3.

SPJ Region 3 Facebook

SPJ Region 3 Twitter

If you have any questions about this process, please contact SPJ Region 3 Assistant Director Sharon Dunten at or call (317) 410-7217.

We look forward to meeting you!