Femme Freelance Fest webinars start May 6

Femme Freelance Fest

Say hello to your freelance starter kit: Eight 30-minute, in-depth webinar classes taught by some of the best lady journos in the biz.

Femme Freelance Fest is here to give badass female journalists like yourselves the tools and knowledge you need to be successful freelancers.

We want to fight that gender gap with the best weapons at our disposal: you. Be the women who are going to eviscerate it for good.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Editor-writer relationship: how to pitch effectively, what questions to ask, how to maintain momentum
  • Eight things to know about contracts and copyrights
  • The Freelancer Editorial Calendar: Staying ahead of the deadline
  • How to start your freelance writing career
  • Working internationally: Getting Started
  • Project Flow and Time Management
  • Setting up a freelance business: Organization, finance, and contracts
  • Negotiating Contracts: How to make it work for you

You’ll notice there’s nothing ‘female specific’ about these talks. Well, that’s because there’s no difference between female and male journalists, other than how women are treated.

These webinar courses are FREE and will be held Fridays and Saturdays throughout May. You can check out our insanely talented lady journo speakers who will be sharing their freelance knowledge with you.

It’s time to close the gender gap in our industry. So gear up, clear your schedule and get ready to kick-start your freelance career.