Are you looking for the TOP 2017 list of digital tools? We can tell you where to find it.

Digital toolbox art

Making Digital Reporting Tools Great Again!


Victor Hernandez

By Victor Hernandez, director of Media Innovations for Banjo, a social and digital media organizer

A comprehensive roundup of new tech on display during our ’Cool Tools’ workshop at SPJ West 2017.

Kim Bui

Kim Bui

Digital journalism engages and empowers more consumers every day thanks to ever-evolving pathways of innovation and the public’s growing draw into social media and multimedia content.

Kim BuiRobert Hernandez and Victor Hernandez put aside their mobile devices and crystal balls to present at the Society of Professional Journalists 2017 Western Regional conference in San Diego.

Robert Hernadez photo

Robert Hernandez

The following is a list of emerging tech they showcased — each with the power to disrupt, engage, enhance productivity and/or add to your reporting.

Look for more conferences and workshops on great digital tools at the SPJ EIJ17 (Excellence in Journalism) convention in Anaheim, California this September.

To read the complete list and Medium article link HERE.


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