Follow my lede: The media is disparaged until the public needs information (and a cute teddy bear to keep things light)

Follow my lede New Mexican Meredith Cummings
Meredith Cummings photo is catching up with Meredith Cummings on her journey through hundreds of newsroom this summer throughout America.

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO — Every newsroom has quirky items sitting around, but The New Mexican is winning so far. A large teddy bear sits in the corner, yet no one can really explain why or where he came from, so he forever languishes in a sun-lit corner of the newsroom.

“No one’s quite sure how that bear got here, but it’s been here for a long time,” reporter Robert Nott tells me. “The bear and the sock monkey are left over.”

I don’t see a sock money, but decide to trust him.

A cascading string of origami birds hangs from the ceiling. A camouflage bowling pin with gold butterflies sits on a filing cabinet, a random reminder that ordinary things can be made extraordinary.

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Meredith journey 1Meredith Cummings is immediate past president of SPJ Alabama Pro and is Instructor of Journalism, Director of Scholastic Media, University of Alabama. @MereCummings.