Journoterrorist: I just got kicked off of LinkedIn – for joking about LinkedIn

Kicked off LinkedIn

By Michael Koretzky

Last week, I created a LinkedIn account. I’ve resisted that for a long time, because as my LinkedIn headline said…

I want nothing from you. Obviously, I’m doing this wrong.

And as I explained in my profile…

Journo terrorist logoI’m not selling or buying anything. I guess I just want to meet other journalists or journalism consumers who feel slightly out of phase with the world like I do.

We’ll need to help each other, because if you’re like me, LinkedIn is a scary clique of desperate people who write things like this (which is real, by the way): “Process innovator with a track record of developing value added tools and procedure that improve service quality.”

I don’t understand what that means. I hope I never have to.

Last Thursday, only two days after I posted that, I couldn’t log in. Instead of my profile…

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