Journoterrorist: The best mag for the worst times

By Michael Koretzky

Atlantic Magazine cover.jpgIn the past week, one magazine has…

 praised Donald Trump’s Afghanistan policy,
 detailed how “antifa” violence has paralyzed a major U.S. city,
 explained why single payer – aka “Medicare for all” – will piss off more Americans than Obamacare ever did.

In the same week, that magazine also…

• Declared Trump is “unfit to lead” a troop surge in Afghanistan.
• Argued Antifa’s violence pales next to that of white supremacists,
• Called Trump’s recent speech in Phoenix “a series of out-and-out lies.”

Any media idiot can call himself “fair and balanced” if he reflexively alternates conservative and liberal talking points. That’s called score-keeping, and it’s not what these stories are about.

It’s not what The Atlantic is about.

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