Let Nazis talk


By Michael Koretzky

Nazis are useful

Journalists should interview white supremacists much more often than they do. Nothing demystifies racists like listening to them talk.

Since racists believe they’re naturally superior, they’re often shocked when spics, kikes, niggers, and fags don’t crumple under the weight of their Aryan wisdom. That’s when they expose themselves as common thugs, not super-villains.

Journo terrorist logoYet some folks don’t want journalists interviewing racists. Just Google the term “normalizing hate speech.”

NPR listeners seem especially offended – and are just the kind of people to use words like “normalizing.” It’s repeated five times in this NPR interview with some of their brittle listeners.

A reporter at Minnesota’s NPR affiliate even asked, “Where is the point when an ethical news organization needs to make a stand against a repugnant idea?”

Here’s a better question: Why should news organizations “make a stand” at all?

Are impressionable Americans really listening to NPR’s interviews with racists and thinking, “Wow, those bigots are persuasive, and if NPR is talking to them, that must be a tacit endorsement of their violent viewpoints!”

How infantilizing. (I feel like that’s also a word some NPR listeners say a lot.)

In 1992, I spent a lunch and an afternoon with a half-dozen Nazis. To read the complete article link HERE

Michael Koretzky

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